Who is the Goat?

The Urban Mountain Goat

About the Mountain Goat:

Liz, aka the “Mountain Goat (MG),” was a partner at a mid-sized law firm representing banks and mortgage companies in civil litigation and wasting her life away to billable hours.  Luckily, MG woke up and escaped the drudgery of firm life, recently leaving to work in private practice with her husband where she can put her skills to good use helping people.  It also doesn’t hurt that her new boss is a lot more lenient about coming in late due to a long run.  While paying the bills with her day gig, MG is an RRCA certified running coach and 250 hour certified yoga instructor actively working towards a career aimed at bringing fitness and satisfaction to the everyone and in assisting others in eating, training, competing – and just plain old enjoying life in general – like a mountain goat.

MG has been running for over seventeen years – running with the high school track and cross country teams as a way of dealing with the evils of high school and later serving a stint with the college cross country team.  However, it wasn’t until MG moved to Atlanta, became a lawyer and met Swim Bike Mom that her true love affair with running (and the occasional biking and, er, swimming?) really started and that running changed her life for a second time.

 MG placed 2nd at the 2011 USATF Georgia Trail, Mountain and Ultra Championship, and was the 2011 Georgia Games Trail Run Champion.  MG is a frequent age group winner and has even managed to eek out an overall win here and there.  MG has tackled a variety of races – her favorites being the Georgia Xterra and Dirty Spokes off road racing series.  The highlights of MG’s racing career have not been the races that she won, but those that she was just happy to have a chance to compete in, plod through – and finish!  Most notably was the Great Wall Marathon on the Great Wall of China, the TransRockies Six Day Stage Race (can we say 120 mile sand 20,000+ feet of elevation gain!), the Pine Mountain 40 Mile, and the Mountain Mist 50k.  She has even dabbled in triathlon, taking a stab at the Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon which she would have never completed without the help and inspiration of her friend Swim Bike Mom.  Let’s just suffice it to say that goats are better on their hooves than they are in the water or on a bike.

Aside from running, MG is passionate about yoga (the hotter the better!) as well as plant based and grain free eating.  She believes that proper fueling makes mountain goating a lot easier!  She is known for her odd eating habits and stinky lunchtime concoctions!

A message from the Mountain Goat:

Who needs a car when you have hooves? I earned myself the nickname “Mountain Goat” because of my love of trails, my ability to scale a mountain & my crazy jaunts through town carrying my daypack (I prefer my hooves over my wheels).  Swim Bike Mom first coined the moniker “the Mountain Goat” on her famed blog after I encouraged her to accompany me on a grueling 9 mile race atop Red Top Mountain in the August heat.  Apparently I scaled the mountainside in mountain goat-like fashion, smiling all the while.  Who knew?  However, as a resident of Midtown Atlanta I am often restricted to a more urban environment, but that doesn’t stop me.  I am a strong believer in the fact that a little adventure and challenge – whether on the trails or in the city – can do wonders for a person and the world.  No fear – whether you are a mountain dweller or a city slicker, you too can eat, train and run like a mountain goat!

As a young goat, I was an awkward youth, sporting big glasses, a crazy wardrobe, and a full blown mustache and unibrow, enduring elementary school taunts due to my “uniqueness.”  I misguidedly tried to fit in by trying out for cheerleader and other conventional things that “cool kids” did.  After much failure and disappointment, a girl who lived nearby encouraged me to join the cross country team and introduced me to an activity that would make high school bearable; teach me to be comfortable in my own skin; and would come to help me stay true to myself and strive through other tough times in life.  Despite being a bit pudgy and a just plain awful runner, I found solace on the trails and was embraced by my teammates learning just how awesome runners are and just how life changing a great run can be.  So whether you’re a novice, a pro, or just curious, I encourage you to get out there and see what the trails can do for you!

2 thoughts on “Who is the Goat?

  1. Your blog is great!!! I too am interested in plant based and gluten-free eating. Educating others must just come with the passion. I hope to get out more to hike and in the meantime, I use your unique energy to motivate me!!! Thanks cousin….C.A.George PhD.

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