I’m a Blogging Idiot

So Pooky had this brilliant idea that we would start maintaining the Firm’s website ourselves since the website guy was really slow.  He found out that we had a WordPress website.  He said – hey – the Goat’s on WordPress, right?  So you can run the Firm’s website too.  Great.  Then he signed me up for a WordPress class at Emory.  And here I sit.

Goats are SO much better at running.  SO much.

Goats are SO much better at running. SO much.

Turns out the Goat is a WordPress.com site, and this class is applicable to that.  However, the Firm is a specially built out page on WordPress.org.  Apparently these are two completely different things.  And said class is not so applicable to the Firm’s page.

Regardless, I have learned today that often I am making “Pages” instead of “Posts” on the blog.  This is apparently not the best use of the Blog and makes the posts less visible.  Sigh.  So now I’m going to start a great migration of some of the “Page” content to “Post” content.


So just a fair warning that you may see some old stuff popping up again while I try to remedy my mess.

The Goat. A work in progress.  What can I say?

…next step – figuring out categories and tags 😉

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.28.19 PM

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