Very Berry Detox Smoothie

Eat a little too much crap last night?  Feel like you need to start a new this morning?

Well you’re in luck!  Here is the perfect breakfast smoothie to help you detox while being nutritious and delicious at the same time!

2013-07-29 09.15.40

Very Berry Detox Smoothie (serves 2)


  1. 11 ounces plain pure coconut water + 1 cup water (or whatever amount you want depending on how watery you like it – also you could use water instead or unsweetened almond or cashew milk – essentially you want a little over 2 cups liquid)
  2. Large handful raw organic cashews or almonds (I prefer cashews…and don’t use either if you’re using nut milk in #1)
  3. Two scoops Vanilla Sunwarrior Warrior Blend vegan protein powder (or powder of your choice – or omit if you don’t care about protein or don’t have it.  I like to start my day with something high in protein to kick start my metabolism!)
  4. Two big spoons ground flaxseed or chia seed (if using chia, pre-soak it in a little water first to help your body absorb it)
  5. Two spoons of stevia in the raw cup for cup (or one packet – or you can omit or replace with agave, honey, etc if you don’t mind the extra sugar/calories)
  6. Two large handfuls of spinach (or kale/spinach mix. I used all spinach today because it’s milder and the smoothie was for Pooky.  Don’t be shy about it either.  You won’t even taste it in there, I swear!)
  7. Two heaping cups of mixed frozen berries (I used blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries one day.  Another day I also added cherries)
  8. Optional: a few drops of pure vanilla extract and/or almond extract; a few spoons of unsweetened, unsulfured dried shredded coconut

2013-07-29 09.05.432013-07-29 09.05.54


Add all ingredients to  your blender in the order specified above.  If you have a Vitamix or Blendtec or other “fancy” blender, choose the smoothie setting and let her rip!  If you have a regular blender, then you’ll probably need to blend for a minute or two depending on the power of your blender and how smooth you like it.  Also, don’t forget to use FROZEN berries, or your smoothie won’t be nice and cool.  I like using frozen fruit instead of ice because it makes the smoothie richer and less watery.

Pretty in purple!  Hello antioxidants!

Pretty in purple! Hello antioxidants!

Finished product!

Finished product!


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