Zucchini, Potato, Tomato Frittata

I ran a race on Saturday…during taper time…real smart goat!  Oh well, it was fun and I got 2nd place!  Yay!  Saw some fun friends too.

But it tired me out.  Apparently I haven’t been running fast for quite some time.  And all this LSD (long slow distance – not psychotropic drugs) has made me slow.  So running fast was tiring on the old body.  And I slept like a rock Saturday night.  So much so that we didn’t get up until 9AM on Sunday!!!  By the time we made it out of the bed and up and around it was 9:30AM and by the time I was messing around to make us food it was after 10.  So brunch was in Order.

It consisted of a new experimental green smoothie, and I asked Pooky what else he wanted.  He opened the fridge and said, use up what is left in here.  And use eggs.

I looked at what I had.  Eggs, check.  An old zucchini, a part of a yellow squash, some cute little San Marzano tomatoes, and some frozen cubed fried multicolor potatoes left over from last week’s long run.

So I decided a veggie frittata would be yummy!

Further proof of my horrible picture taking ability.  And I forgot to take pics along the way!

Further proof of my horrible picture taking ability. And I forgot to take pics along the way!


  1. 2 whole eggs; about 4 egg whites (essentially I just used what was left in the carton.  Can’t remember, might have been 6 or 7 eggs)
  2. A small zucchini – I sliced it into fourths and then into small match stick shapes.  You could cut it however you want.
  3. A good handful of small tomatoes – I used these San Marzano that I found at the store recently. I am addicted to them.  They are awesome in everything.  I just sliced them lengthwise and took out the extra seeds.
  4. A few baby potatoes – preferably a mix of red, white and blue! Chop into small fourths so that they cook fast.  Mine were already cooked ahead of time, so you could also do that too (I usually steam them until almost done, and then fry them the rest of the way in a pan of coconut oil to crisp them)
  5. A red onion would be great in here too. I had one, but I was too lazy to chop it up.  I would advise you do so if you have one!
  6. Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and garlic or garlic powder to taste.  Some fresh chopped basil would be amazing with this too, but I didn’t have any.

2013-08-04 11.03.38


Take a deep pan over medium heat.  Spray with cooking oil.  Add a little oil of your choice.  I used olive oil today because that was what was laying around.

If you are using the onions and if your potatoes are not pre-cooked, put them in the pan and put a lid on it and let them get cooked half to three fourths of the way.

In the meantime, chop your veggies.   Put you eggs into a bowl or cup and wisk them until completely combined.

After the onions and potatoes have been cooking for a while, then add in your zucchini and/or squash, and tomatoes.  Cook until everything is tender and a bit browned (or however you like it.  That’s the cool thing with veggies.  You can cook them a little – or a lot, and they’re always safe to eat and yummy!

Once you have your veggies to the desired consistency, add in a little more oil to coat the bottom of the pan and add in the eggs. I then gave everything a good stir to combine and even out the veggies.  Then I put the lid on and let it cook for a while.

I checked the bottom of the eggs and it looks browned on the bottom.  You can either then put the skillet under the broiler to finish out the top OR what I did was loosen the edges, take a big plate on top of the skillet, give it a good flip and then turn it over in the pan to finish up the other side.  Alternatively, I’m sure if I would’ve let it keep cooking the top would’ve gotten done eventually but I preferred it a little more even.

I topped with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and a touch of garlic powder (not salt!).  If you have some fresh basil, it’d be great on top!

Cut into four wedges and brunch (or brinner!) is served!

2013-08-04 10.38.44

I eat it with a green smoothie for the win!

2013-08-04 10.38.55

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