Too Much of a Good Thing…

Mystery Mountain Marathon 10-13-13

So for as many trails as I run, of course I’m a member of the Georgia Ultra and Trail Running Society – or “GUTS” as its known.  However, in the years that I’ve been a member, I rarely make it to their races.  They Mystery Mountain Marathon is a staple, and this year I decided to add it to the race roster.

Screenshot 2013-12-07 20.07.32

This year was a crazy year for racing.  Starting in February I’ve done a marathon or greater nearly every month.  February I did the Thrill in the Hills Marathon coming off an exhausting back to back trip to India and Portland.  March I did the Publix Marathon and had a PR.  April and May I don’t really recall.  I know I did Scenic City in May…June I did the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race (3 days, 3 mountains, 60 miles), July I did the Troop Trot 39k (ok, not really a marathon, but I won!), August was the TransRockies (6 days, 120 miles, 20,000 feet of elevation gain), September I did the 6 Hours of Dauset Trails doing 6 loops in 5:06 (just shy of 30 miles…and beat all but one boy!), and October I had Atlanta 13.1 and Mystery Mountain.  Who knows how many small races I also had peppered in along the way plus all my training.

I know! But I can't cover it up!

I know! But I can’t cover it up!

I came off of the TransRockies feeling good but searching for the next big thing.  Then I did Dauset Trails where I had a totally unexpected win and great day.  That lead to over confidence which lead to last week’s PR at the Atlanta 13.1 Marathon.  My body was pretty mad following the 13.1.  You see, it can run long and slow all day long, but short and fast does not agree.  My back was hurting, and my legs were crampy and I was feeling a hot mess.  Following a glorious 14 days of detoxing, constant yoga, healthy eating, weight loss, and sanity in early September (If you’re in Atlanta try out the seasonal detoxes at Kashi, they are awesome!), I had about 14 days of no yoga, bad eating, weight gain, and insanity…and about a month of not taking any of my many supplements …then running the 13.1.  So I scheduled a massage for Thursday evening to set all right in the world.  However, we were in trial and I missed my appointment for the closing.  Then, my beloved Courtney of Sequoia Massage went on vacation for the weekend (how dare he?!)!  Eeeeek!  I thought about going to someone else, but I decided to just suck it up.

Courtney is so amazing.  He can fix what ails you. I promise.  He keeps the Goat go-go-going.

Courtney is so amazing. He can fix what ails you. I promise. He keeps the Goat go-go-going.

Saturday I went to a yoga class and that provided some relief.  Afterwards I went to the office to do some work then home to pack up my stuff.  Pooky was out of town again and so I was flying solo.

I packed my provisions and headed up to Chatsworth, Ga to the lovely Super 8.  On my way there I passed through so many small towns and counties that I had never heard of….each town had a Dollar General and several Baptist Churches.  The upside was that they had a great country music channel, so I rocked out and especially enjoyed cruising the crazy windy road up the mountain to packet pickup.

Here at last!

Here at last!

I made it up to packet pickup and they had all sorts of swag, and moonpies, and fun GUTS stuff for purchase.  I couldn’t help myself and decided to partake in a lovely GUTS tie dye.  Awesomeness.

I tried to rotate this photo a million times but oh well! I give up!

You don’t want to know how long it took me to rotate this photo.



On the way back down the mountain I stopped and took some pictures of the beautiful view, but the pictures didn’t come out so beautiful.

2013-10-12 18.40.53 2013-10-12 18.40.57

My pictures suck but the view was awesome!

My pictures suck but the view was awesome!

I checked into the Super 8 which actually wasn’t bad.  I walked to the gas station across the street to get water and was super excited to check out the ice cream shop next door.  Too bad the town closes up at 7:30 p.m.  Oh well, next time Chatsworth.

I went back to my room, laid out my clothes and my swag and photographed them for you all because I know you care.  Also I wanted everything ready to go for the morning.  I then heated up the food I brought for myself and settled in for some TV.  Interestingly, the Super 8 did have about 3 different Fox News Channels, but I was unable to find MSNBC.  I settled for USA’s re-runs of Modern Family.

It may look gross, but it was delicious!  Pumpkin kibbee, mujadara and hummus! Vegan gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert ;)

It may look gross, but it was delicious! Pumpkin kibbee, mujadara and hummus! Vegan gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for dessert 😉

I tossed and turned through the night and didn’t get much sleep at all.  Don’t know what the major malfunction was.   My alarm went off and I was already up.  Went through the usual routine and was once again thankful for remembering babywipes.  Super 8 toilet paper is just not forgiving.

So I go to get dressed and put on my sports bra. The only one I brought.  And its one of those Moving Comfort ones with the two hook and eyes on the back.  And I can’t get one hook hooked.  Arrrggh.  And I try.  And I try. And I try.  And I finally take it off to investigate.  Here the hook is broken!!!! Nooooooo!!!! I am in the middle of Chatsworth 30 minutes from go time with no sports bra and a loosey goosey tank top to wear?  Oh dear.

Ready freddy!

Ready freddy!

So I go on to gnaw on this hook and twist it and fuss with it until I get it where it can hang on at least a little.  I get the thing closed and can finally move on with the rest of my life.

I go out to pack up my car and go check out and pour hot water on my to-go oatmeal cup.  On my way past cars to the front desk area, there are all these people gathered around an SUV.  I hear some murmuring and then I hear lots of “meowwwing”.  What the heck?  Then I go inside the office and am fixing my oatmeal.  And these two kids go to the desk and try to explain to the clerk that there is a cat stuck in the engine of an SUV and that they need to figure out who owns the SUV so they can tell them and try to get the cat out.  What a fiasco.  I wonder what became of the cat?

So I head on out to my car, crank up the good country station I found and have a grand old time driving up the windy mountain road.  Trail races are really the only time I get to do some fun driving so I always take advantage.  I got to the race, parked, immediately went to the bathroom and meandered towards the start.  I spotted Alex and we had some chit chat.  In fact, so much chit chat that I forgot to make my usual second  and third bathroom trips.  And so much chit chat that we didn’t realize the race was starting until this insanely loud gun (or something) was fired, scaring the crap at us and letting us take off.

It was so beautiful!

It was so beautiful!

Alex was certain that I would finish well ahead of him.  I told him I had a tough week, was tired and sore and had no idea how this would play out.  I said I was hoping to finish under 6:30 but really I wanted to finish under 6 hours.  Ever the optimist.  Well, at least when it comes to racing 😉

So we started along the trail, talking with some others Alex knew and I felt pretty good.  Of course I had to pee within the first few minutes, but I just ignored it.  I had one quick fall but bounced right back up.  Not bad for me.

However, about three miles in or so, when I stopped to mess with a packet of Island Boost (decided to try something new, I’m on the fence, more later) I lost Alex and the pack by a little.  I restarted again and wasn’t too far behind.  However I started feeling wretched and got further and further behind.  For the first time in a long time, I just wasn’t enjoying this race.  Eeeeek.  It’s the end of the world as I know it.

Damn Island Boost.  Tasty but hard for me to work with for some reason..

Damn Island Boost. Tasty but hard for me to work with for some reason..

About mile 6 or 7 I finally lose Alex and the gang completely, and I’m pissed that I’m moving so slow.  Ugh. What is going on here?  The race is legendary for being tough and the tough stuff hasn’t even happened yet.  Sheesh.  I don’t know what it is… perhaps it’s all the crazy racing mentioned in the second paragraph of this post.  Maybe I’ve just had too much of a good thing.  Maybe I just overloaded my body and mind on trail racing.  Could it be?  At this point I’m freaking out and think that I may make this my very first DNF (“did not finish.”).  There was both a 12 mile and marathon, so I tell myself I will drop at the 12 mile split and I put my head down and meander on.

If only...

If only…

At some point around this time I finally give in and pee.  Using the skills so artfully taught to me by my dear partner Heather during the TransRockies, I pull off the trail behind some large log and squat down for sweet relief.  Except that I squat right into a jagger bush.  Uh, for you that don’t speak Pittsburgh-ese, I essentially sat in a bunch of thorns.  Awesome!  I even drew blood on one finger and one calf.  At least my unmentionables stayed unscathed.    However, a group of dudes comes by right as I am standing to pull my pants up.  Super awkward.  But that’s my life.

Screenshot 2013-12-07 21.19.35

When I get to mile 11 which is where the 12 milers go on to the finish and the marathoners go up a humongous set of hills known as the “Power Lines,” I get my second wind.  I don’t hate the race anymore and am starting to feel the groove.  I decide that I am enjoying this, eat a bunch of junk at the aid station, and march on right up the power lines.  The power lines are steep but not horrible.  Of course I believe this comes from a place of powering up far worse things for six days in the Rockies and haven’t yet forgotten it.  Part way up there is a Barbie head which scares the sh*t out of me!  But I loved it.  I get to the top and there are the “Beer Fairies” sitting there.  I decline the beers but thank them and they note that I look way too happy for having just climbed the power lines.  I tell them it’s a beautiful day, I’m on the trail, and I’m still moving forward on both feet, so how bad can it be?  They agree and I realize I have officially turned my frown upside and am back in the game.

Made it to the top!

Made it to the top!

I feel great and am all smiles at the top.  However the yin to the yang of the uphill is this super long, super terrible steep crumbly rocky dirty downhill.  This thing was so wretched and horrible and I’m so clumbsy on the downhill that I took it nice and easy to avoid falling.  Then I get passed by like 20 people going downhill and its like the TransRockies all over again!  Grrrrr!!!!  I hate downhill.  There, I said it.

down down down!

down down down!

I get to the aid station at mile 13.3 and don’t feel all that bad.  I catch up to some people I recognize, and a guy tells me that we’re only a little over three hours in so there’s still hope for a 6-6:30.  This lifts my spirits.  And on I go!  Although at this point I realize that my hands feel swelled up just like my partner’s were at the TransRockies.  So although this is annoying, it amuses me and reminds me of Heather waving her hands madly above her head throughout the race and I do the same and get a good laugh in to myself.

After a while this old man comes up and tells me that around mile 19 there is a 1.3 mile climb that goes up 1300 feet.  As I typically never look at the elevation map before a race, or even the course really, this came as a surprise to me.  But I think that this should be no problem after all the power climbing up crazy climbs at the TransRockies.  I get to an aid station right around mile 19 and I feast and feast.  At this point I have decided that I am going so slow that I might as well enjoy myself and I’m stuffing my face at every aid station more like I’m running a 100 miler than a marathon.  I tucked pretzels and chips and bananas and gummy bears into my vest pockets like I was a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter (do squirrels hide nuts for the winter?)…It was just like me and Heather’s picnic breaks during the TransRockies.  Just without the days of mileage…and I was alone so that wasn’t quite as fun either.

Screenshot 2013-12-07 20.00.26

Crazy Barbie head!!!

Crazy Barbie head!!!

I leave the aid station and I have to pee – again.  I look and look for cover but there is none to be find so I just cop a squat in the middle of the trail.  To hell with it.  Luckily no one caught me on this and luckily there were no thorns to be found.

It was pretty and I was alone ;)

It was pretty and I was alone 😉

About Mile 22 or so I got another wind and really started to enjoy the thing.  Somewhere around Mile 23 I caught up with Alex and that made me feel vindicated like I hadn’t actually ran all that slow thank goodness.  Alex waived me by so I trucked it on in as by Mile 23 I was finally feeling really good and ready to run.  It only took me six damn hours.

Anyways, it took me 6:14 to run the damn thing!  Terrible!  But between the peeing, the thorns, the lack of a massage, the tiredness, the hills, it wasn’t bad.  Not bad at all.  Plus as with all my runs, if I’m not feeling it at the beginning I was feeling it by the end….this one just took a little longer.

Got the medal!

Got the medal!

But I think I realized that I may have been on to too much of a good thing.  So I enjoyed a nice week of no workouts save for a yoga class and a couple walks so that I could rest up for my big 5k “A” race next week…but more on that next time!

Screenshot 2013-12-07 19.54.03

Happy Trails guys 😉

Did I say there was homemade root beer?  Awesomeness!

Did I say there was homemade root beer? Awesomeness!


Hey all!  Happy Kale Day!

I know I have been MIA for like two months since the TransRockies!  Eeek!  Sorry about that.  We’ve just been crazy busy and as can be expected, I was a hot mess (when am I not?!) following the TransRockies and needed sometime to kind of “reset.”

Well I did this fabulous 10 day yoga detox at Kashi Yoga Ashram in Atlanta, and I was all balanced and zen and healthy for like two weeks.  It was awesome.  And as can be expected – you guessed it – I’m a hot mess again!

Anyways, I’m working on posts regarding the rest of the TransRockies…and a super awesome six hour race that I accidentally won!!!!  So I’m hoping to post soon.

In the meantime, the blade on my VitaMix got recalled and I had to send it back for repairs.  I’ve been VitaMix-less for like 10 days.  It’s awful.  However, Pooky couldn’t go without his smoothies so I pulled out the old Ninja and she’s been serving us fairly well.  Just takes a little more elbow grease and you have to be a little more selective of your ingredients since it doesn’t quite pulverize everything in sight like the VitaMix.

So this a.m. I made a random smoothie that came out so awesome I had to share!

Did you know that pina coladas are one of the drinks (behind Blizzards I think) that have the highest amount of calories?  It’s true!  Google it.  Everything on Google is true, and we all know this.  Well, regardless if that’s true or not, it’s pretty obvious that a pina colada is not good for you.  But it tastes so good, right?  And a pina colada at 7AM really isn’t good for you…But it’s been a stressful week, and I need a pina colada at 7AM!!!

Well here I am to the rescue with the Green-a-Colada.  Tastes great and will fully detoxify all of the crap stored up in your body.  A great wake up or mid-day or late night treat!



  • 1 cup organic non-gmo not from concentrate coconut water (I like Harvest Bay) (also you may need more depending on how thick you like your smoothie)
  • 1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange or pineapple juice (or more coconut water, or unsweetened almond milk or water – whatever you like. today I didn’t mind the extra sugar so I used 1/4 cup fresh squeezed OJ…when I’m counting the calories I probably would’ve went for almond milk or water)
  • 1 medium golden beet peeled (unless you have a VitaMix…I was without today so I peeled) and chopped small (again, unless you have a VitaMix or Blendtec you can leave in bigger chunks) – it probably came to about 3/4 cup
  • 1/4-1/2 cup frozen organic mango
  • 1/2-3/4 cup frozen organic pineapple (ok, ok all I had today was Dole so it wasn’t organic.  So sue me.  Also I don’t know how much I used.  I’m thinking it was close to the 3/4 cup because I wanted a bigger smoothie)
  • 1/2 small frozen organic banana – I break mine into chunks before I freeze them and I used two chunks which is like 1/2 a banana or probably 1/4 cup if you’re measuring
  • Handful of organic spinach or baby kale (I use Organic Girl – you could also  sub whatever green you have on hand.  Spinach will be milder though and yield less of a greens taste if that bothers you.  Also it blends better if you have a crappy blender)
  • 2 teaspoons of Greens Powder (I use SunFood Sun is Shining.  It’s expensive, but there are 45 servings in a bag and it’s amazing stuff.  I’ll post the side of the bag below.  It’s super good for you…but warning, if you’ve been eating a lot of toxic crap, it will, uh, “detox” it out, if you know what I mean…but in a good way 😉
  • 1-2 teaspoons of raw, organic coconut butter (I use Artisana brand (they make amazing raw nut butters too). It’s amazing and makes the smoothie.  If you don’t have it, you could probably use unsweetened coconut – maybe a tablespoon or two depending on how much you like – I just eye balled the coconut butter – using a bigger sized spoon and not filling it up all the way)
  • Small spoon of Stevia in the Raw (or stevia or sweetener to taste – may want to wait until the end and see how much, if any, you need.  I just used a small bit)
Let's start with the coconut water!

Let’s start with the coconut water!

And the beets!  The yummy yummy golden beets!

And the beets! The yummy yummy golden beets!

Frozen fruits!

Frozen fruits!

Don't forget the greens!

Don’t forget the greens!

You could eat this straight from the jar.  But don't!

You could eat this straight from the jar. But don’t!


Add ingredients as listed.  And then blend away!  Taste at end to see if you need sweetener.

Green goodness!

Green goodness!

This is a delicious smoothie, and will fill you up.  It’s got lots of protein, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamins, probiotics, and enzymes and is super good for you!  Just don’t skip the greens powder if you can!  It will taste fine without it but you’ll be missing so much nutrition!  If you don’t have greens powder, then up your spinach and/or kale to give you an extra boost.

The magic ingredient!

The magic ingredient!

Here's what makes it so good for you!

Here’s what makes it so good for you!

AND if you’re wondering where I get all this crazy stuff I’m always mentioning like Sun is Shining Greens Powder, Artisana Coconut Butter, Stevia in the Raw, Red Sea Salt, Cocoa Nibs (great smoothie recipe with these coming soon!) etc etc… one place – Amazon!  It’s awesome!  I am a Prime Member which means I get free two day shipping and $3.99 one day shipping on almost everything (you also get stuff like free tv shows and movies to stream – but I’m more about shipping weird products to myself quickly)… if you’re interested they are doing a free 30 day trial – you can sign up here.

OK now enjoy your Green-a-Colada and imagine you’re at the beach! I have the space heater blasting in my office, so it feels just like the tropics 😉

Happy Thursday Kale Day!  Go drink something green!

Happy Thursday Kale Day! Go drink something green!

Promise to get some new posts up soon and some info on coaching.  Until then, happy trails  😉

Zucchini, Potato, Tomato Frittata

I ran a race on Saturday…during taper time…real smart goat!  Oh well, it was fun and I got 2nd place!  Yay!  Saw some fun friends too.

But it tired me out.  Apparently I haven’t been running fast for quite some time.  And all this LSD (long slow distance – not psychotropic drugs) has made me slow.  So running fast was tiring on the old body.  And I slept like a rock Saturday night.  So much so that we didn’t get up until 9AM on Sunday!!!  By the time we made it out of the bed and up and around it was 9:30AM and by the time I was messing around to make us food it was after 10.  So brunch was in Order.

It consisted of a new experimental green smoothie, and I asked Pooky what else he wanted.  He opened the fridge and said, use up what is left in here.  And use eggs.

I looked at what I had.  Eggs, check.  An old zucchini, a part of a yellow squash, some cute little San Marzano tomatoes, and some frozen cubed fried multicolor potatoes left over from last week’s long run.

So I decided a veggie frittata would be yummy!

Further proof of my horrible picture taking ability.  And I forgot to take pics along the way!

Further proof of my horrible picture taking ability. And I forgot to take pics along the way!


  1. 2 whole eggs; about 4 egg whites (essentially I just used what was left in the carton.  Can’t remember, might have been 6 or 7 eggs)
  2. A small zucchini – I sliced it into fourths and then into small match stick shapes.  You could cut it however you want.
  3. A good handful of small tomatoes – I used these San Marzano that I found at the store recently. I am addicted to them.  They are awesome in everything.  I just sliced them lengthwise and took out the extra seeds.
  4. A few baby potatoes – preferably a mix of red, white and blue! Chop into small fourths so that they cook fast.  Mine were already cooked ahead of time, so you could also do that too (I usually steam them until almost done, and then fry them the rest of the way in a pan of coconut oil to crisp them)
  5. A red onion would be great in here too. I had one, but I was too lazy to chop it up.  I would advise you do so if you have one!
  6. Sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and garlic or garlic powder to taste.  Some fresh chopped basil would be amazing with this too, but I didn’t have any.

2013-08-04 11.03.38


Take a deep pan over medium heat.  Spray with cooking oil.  Add a little oil of your choice.  I used olive oil today because that was what was laying around.

If you are using the onions and if your potatoes are not pre-cooked, put them in the pan and put a lid on it and let them get cooked half to three fourths of the way.

In the meantime, chop your veggies.   Put you eggs into a bowl or cup and wisk them until completely combined.

After the onions and potatoes have been cooking for a while, then add in your zucchini and/or squash, and tomatoes.  Cook until everything is tender and a bit browned (or however you like it.  That’s the cool thing with veggies.  You can cook them a little – or a lot, and they’re always safe to eat and yummy!

Once you have your veggies to the desired consistency, add in a little more oil to coat the bottom of the pan and add in the eggs. I then gave everything a good stir to combine and even out the veggies.  Then I put the lid on and let it cook for a while.

I checked the bottom of the eggs and it looks browned on the bottom.  You can either then put the skillet under the broiler to finish out the top OR what I did was loosen the edges, take a big plate on top of the skillet, give it a good flip and then turn it over in the pan to finish up the other side.  Alternatively, I’m sure if I would’ve let it keep cooking the top would’ve gotten done eventually but I preferred it a little more even.

I topped with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and a touch of garlic powder (not salt!).  If you have some fresh basil, it’d be great on top!

Cut into four wedges and brunch (or brinner!) is served!

2013-08-04 10.38.44

I eat it with a green smoothie for the win!

2013-08-04 10.38.55

Refresh Smoothie

Hey all!  So I have discovered this super amazing place in Atlanta – the Rawesome Juicery.  It’s awesome.  And delicious.  I am completely addicted to it.  It’s in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market downtown.  It’s really only about 6 or 7 minutes from my house by car, but it’s   kind of out of the way and they are doing street car construction down there…so I can’t go all the time.

I have a juicer of my own, but I can’t seem to get the proportions right when making juice and I also hate cleaning it up.  So I thought, let me try to make something juice like in my Vitamix.

Well this is what resulted.  Not at all what I was going for, but equally delicious!  Hope you enjoy!


  1. 2 small organic apples peeled and cored
  2. 1 large (or two small – mine was humongous) organic cucumber peeled and cut into a few large chunks (doesn’t have to be seedless, they get pulverized in the blender, you won’t notice)
  3. 2 or 3 large handfuls of spinach
  4. A couple handfuls of frozen pineapple (I just used what was left in the bag so I have no idea)
  5. A small handful of fresh mint leaves (optional…I put in for mine, left out for Pooky.  He is not a fan
I didn't get all the ingredients up you'll just have to be ok with this post-shot of some extra produce left in the fridge!

I didn’t get all the ingredients up front…so you’ll just have to be ok with this post-shot of some extra produce left in the fridge!


Put your cucumber chunks and apple chunks into the blender.  Blend them until liquified.  I had to use my stopper thing to push them around to get them going, but then they blended just fine without added liquid.

Next add in your spinach, frozen pineapple and optional mint and blend until smoothie and frothy!

My hand looks creepy. Disregard.  The smoothie is still good!

My hand looks creepy. Disregard. The smoothie is still good!

Mine made 2 pint glass sized servings.

I enjoyed mine with a veggie frittata!

I enjoyed mine with a veggie frittata!


Cocoa Cherry Berry Smoothie

Pooky must have read somewhere that it is good to eat purple things.  He is always asking me to give him purple things to eat so he can get his antioxidants.  So I’ve been making a lot of berry smoothies…like the Very Berry Detox Smoothie…

So when he asked for purple again today, I thought I needed to mix up the berry smoothie a bit.

Makes 2 Smoothies:

Chocolatey goodness!

Chocolatey goodness!


  1. 1-1.5 cups plain unsweetened pure coconut water + 1-1.5 cups water (you want to aim for about 2-2.5 cups of any combination of liquid – and go for unsweetened liquids like coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, etc)
  2. 2 scoops chocolate Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vegan protein powder (or favorite protein powder of choice.  you don’t have to use  protein powder, but I like to have protein first thing in the morning to kickstart my metabolism)
  3. If you’re not using chocolate protein powder, use 1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.  Use unsweetened and don’t use dutch processed.  I use Nativas Naturals Cocoa Powder.  (You will also probably need to double your stevia or preferred sweetener especially if you’re using good cocoa powder)
  4. 2 spoons stevia in the raw (or other sweetener of your choice.  You may need to up this if  you use the cocoa powder in lieu of protein powder)
  5. 2 spoons organic flaxseed meal or 2 scoops chia seeds pre-soaked in about 4 oz water
  6. 2 big handfuls organic spinach (don’t be shy!  if using kale, just probably want to go with a few leaves)
  7. 1 small handful raw, organic almonds (optional – could use cashews or pecans too! OR a few spoons of organic, unsweetened, unsulfered dried coconut might be good too!)
  8. 1-1.5 cups frozen pitted organic sherries + .5-1 cup frozen assorted organic berries (I used about 1.5 frozen cherries and about 3/4 cup frozen mixed blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  9. A few drops pure almond extract

2013-07-31 07.29.49


2013-07-31 07.35.01

Put all ingredients in blender in the order stated.  Make sure to use frozen fruit for a nice frosty shake. Select smoothie function on blender or blend for 1-2 minutes depending on strength of blender.

2013-07-31 07.35.52


Breakfast for two ;)

Breakfast for two 😉

Simple Grain Free Banana Breakfast Cakes

Simple Grain Free Banana Breakfast Cakes

So the other day my fellow Swim Bike Mom friend, Katherine, posted to my wall asking me if I had given her a recipe that she found delicious.  The recipe was as follows:
One egg, one banana, fry in butter and top with cinnamon and sugar.  Simple enough.  But I did not give her such recipe.

However, I have been craving pancakes for weeks.  Now that I’m mostly gluten free, my pancake options are limited.  I can make them myself at home from some yucky weird gluten free mix that is probably not very nutritious and full of empty rice flour calories and sodium.  I can make my Goat Crunch Cakes (or whatever the heck I named them at the time).  They are good, but not quite the light fluffy pancakes I have been wanting.  I have found one restaurant where they are amazing.  Stone Soup Kitchen in Atlanta makes vegan, gluten free, cornmeal blueberry pancakes.  They rock.  But it’s always so busy on the weekend, and well, we’re just too lazy to drive there and then have to wait.  Plus, they use the standard Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flour blend, which is fine, but not super nutritionally in my opinion.

So I remembered Katherine’s recipe which had stuck on my mind. I had some icky looking bananas on the counter; a fridge full of organic brown eggs; and I had a 20 miler on the horizon and could use a substantial, yet not heavy breakfast to fuel me.  And thus, this recipe was born.

2013-07-21 11.32.38

I tweaked it a bit to suit my needs.  The pancakes came out sweet, light, and dare I say – fluffy!  And all without any icky ingredients!  Plus, they took no time at all.  I ate about half the batch

And I paired it with a very light homemade green beverage packed with antioxidants and chia seeds to fuel my run (I call it my homemade Goatorade)!



  1. 1/2 cup mashed ripe organic banana (mine were brown spotted on the outside, but still firm on the inside. I don’t think it’d be good with the super mushy ripe ones)
  2. 2 large organic eggs
  3. A little baking powder (make sure it’s aluminum free…and it’s probably about an 1/8 of a teaspoon…I don’t have an 1/8 measuring spoon, but I used about half of my 1/4 measuring spoon…)
  4. One Tablespoon of organic brown sugar (I actually probably didn’t need to add it, but it was delicious either way.  Again, I didn’t measure precisely… I just stuck my hand in the bag and grabbed a little.  Seemed like a tablespoon to me)
  5. A good dash of cinnamon (Sorry, as you can guess, I don’t know how much…it was a few dashes)
  6. One Tablespoon of Almond Flour (You probably could get away with it without this, but I haven’t tried it without)


First I took my banana (I started with one small one and ended up using about one and a half small ones) and mashed it with a fork in the measuring cup until I had it pretty mashed up and had a half a cup.

Did you all see that article that a Japanese study found that brown spotted bananas can help combat cancer cells???  Who knows if it's legit, but this recipe will make you want to eat brown spotted bananas regardless ;)

Did you all see that article that a Japanese study found that brown spotted bananas can help combat cancer cells??? Who knows if it’s legit, but this recipe will make you want to eat brown spotted bananas regardless 😉

I put this in my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and added all of the other ingredients.  You could also probably just beat by hand as well…but I’m lazy and I have this fancy device, so I might as well use it!  Plus I think it helped make them fluffy because the Kitchen Aid isn’t lazy and beat the hell out of it.

I meant to take a picture of the batter, but when I remembered to, this was all that was left ;)

I meant to take a picture of the batter, but when I remembered to, this was all that was left 😉

While it’s beating, heat your pan or griddle over low-medium heat.  Grease with some coconut oil or your spray of choice.

Once it was all thoroughly mixed and my pan was heated, pour in batter.  These cook best over lower heat…so just be patient!  Also they come out much better in small pancakes – think IHOP silver dollar size 😉

You’ll probably have to wait at least 5 minutes or so for the first side to get done (at least on your first batch when the pan is still heating…)….when you note the sides firming up and some bubbles on top…then flip and cook through to your liking on the other side.

OK not the best picture, but you get it!

OK not the best picture, but you get it!

I found these really good plain….but if you want add some pure maple syrup, or as I ate the later, topped with walnuts and bananas.  You could also top with mini dark chocolate chips or some pureed fruit and they’d be awesome.

I'm proud that I took decent pictures this time, so you'll get more pictures than you need ....

I’m proud that I took decent pictures this time, so you’ll get more pictures than you need ….

I ate the rest of the batch at room temperature out of the fridge by hand – like little cakes – the next day and they were delicious!


I think I finally took a good looking food picture!!!

I think I finally took a good looking food picture!!!

I’m a Hot Mess

Hello, my name’s Mountain Goat, and I’m a hot mess.

Truth be told, I’ve always been a hot mess.  For a variety of reasons.  Right now, however, I’m, specifically a hot mess nutritionally.

Only a hot mess wears such an ensemble
Only a hot mess wears such an ensemble

You all know me as a veggie loving goat, always munching on some gross healthy concoction.  And that’s the way I’ve been for quite some time.

Like a green goat shake!
Like a green goat shake!

In 2007 I decided I would go vegetarian.  I didn’t know it would last, and I didn’t know if I would stick with it.  But here I am six years later and still going strong.

Stinky lentils and all!
Stinky lentils and all!

In 2010, Swim Bike Mom and I decided we would go vegan for a month.  I stuck with it longer.  Since then I’ve eaten vegan about 90% of the time.  I’ve recently added eggs back in to the mix but still try to avoid cheese and milk as much as possible.

Last year about this time, I was feeling really tired and icky, all the time.  So I went to see a holistic doctor – Taz Bhatia (who is awesome by the way).  She did some Alcat testing on me – which essentially tests you for allergies and sensitivities to foods and chemicals.  Surprisingly, the test showed that I had an allergy to rice and a sensitivity to gluten, wheat, rye, etc.  Blood tests also showed that I had super low levels of B12 and iron.

She recommended I go gluten free for a while and eliminate rice.  We added in some B12, iron and magnesium to help me sleep at night.

True.  Totally true.
True. Totally true.

When I do something, I am an all or nothing kind of person.  I am not very good at doing anything half way.  I never have been.  So I took the doctor’s orders to heart.  I went gluten free and cut out my beloved rice. I also was eating vegan.  I didn’t eat any processed crap.  And I felt great.

Me, sans gluten and dairy and processed for two months.  I think it looked pretty good on me...oh, what's that?  The champagne is processed and not gluten fee...opps....
Me, sans gluten and dairy and processed for two months. I think it looked pretty good on me…oh, what’s that? The champagne is processed and not gluten fee…opps….

Everyone got on my back and told me I wasn’t eating enough, that I was too skinny, blah blah.  However, I was eating plenty – I was just eating real food, which I think confused everyone.

This says it all.
This says it all.

I eventually fell off the wagon.  And when I’m off the wagon- I’m off the wagon.

The wreckage from me and the little brother hanging out and enjoying our favorite thing - candy and pizza!!!
The wreckage from me and the little brother hanging out and enjoying our favorite thing – candy and pizza!!!

And let me just say I’m off the wagon again.  Ever since the Marathon, I’ve been eating like a hoss.  Then Mama Goat came to visit last Tuesday with an entire full sized suitcase of goodies. And if you’ve ever had them, well then, you know…

A small smattering.  And I mean small.
A small smattering. And I mean small.

I started off with a few here and there… Then came some pizza, then came some Italian and then came some buffet action and….it was out of control.  I was eating butter, and bread and cheese and endless cookies.  Out. Of. Con. Trol.  Yikes.

I can't count how many times we've had this over the past's just. so. good.
I can’t count how many times we’ve had this over the past month…it’s just. so. good.

I thought I would detox and regroup on Monday.  Then Monday came and I ate a crap ton of cookies again!  And Tuesday came – and I ate pizza, fries, more cookies!

I woke up today feeling just awful.  Ridiculously awful and completely disgusted with myself.  So today, my friends, I decided I would start anew.  I spent some time googling juice detox diets and so forth.

junk body

I work so hard on my body so it can do all the things I force it to do.  All the things I GET to do.  So why am I abusing it so with all this crap?

So today after my workout I headed to the Ardens Garden near my house and loaded up on juices.

Shah Law Firm Fridge.  You can guess who's is who's
Shah Law Firm Fridge. You can guess who’s is who’s

And so today, I had fresh green juice, a raw red pepper, and an egg white/veggie omelet with salad and oven roasted potatoes (I’m sorry, I can’t do just juice all day).  I just had some Bija Tulsi Tea as my “after dinner treat.”  Pooky has locked the cabinets and snacks are off limits.  I’m dying here.  Dying.

Yes, this is really a bike lock on the snack cabinet.
Yes, this is really a bike lock on the snack cabinet.

What? Locked cabinets you think that’s odd?  Well, this isn’t the first time this has been.  You see, even when I’m eating perfectly clean, at night I tend to be a little Snack-a-saurus Rex….so on occasion I beg Pooky to help me help myself.  So he got the idea to lock the cabinets after a certain time each night.  And so the locking begins again.

I plan to do the same super strict (well super strict to me!) diet again through Friday.  Fresh juice during the day and one small healthy meal at night with nothing else to follow.

Devastating to find out....
Devastating to find out….

After three days of this, I’m then going to go back to normal living.  However, I plan to be really strict with my no gluten, no dairy and to stay away from processed crap and endless snacks.  I don’t know how long it will last, but thought it might give me a little more accountability if I blasted it on the blog.  So wish me luck and better yet – join me.  I will post some recipes along the way.  Let’s clean the crap out!