A Crappy Run

OK so I don’t have much to say or post tonight, but this one warrants a post.

I joined Urban Active in Buckhead when it first opened.  It was close to my new office, and I thought it’d be convenient.  Plus one of my old spin teachers from concourse was teaching there, so off I went.  Oh yeah, and I signed a two year contract.

 Fast forward to June, 2012 when I quit my job.  Now I have no need to fight traffic to Buckhead to workout. Sigh.  But I’ve already paid for it, so might as well use it.

Well, I realized that in traffic, it takes me nearly 35-40 minutes to get to Buckhead.  However, on foot, running the six miles, it only takes me 45 minutes to an hour.  So I figured I’d get a few extra miles in on my way to the gym, and take the Marta home when I was done.  I got myself a little daypack, and there was no stopping me.  But that’s a whole other story for another day.

So I often run the six miles straight down Peachtree Street from my house to the gym.  Today, I did just that on my way to spin and Triple Fit.

Triple Fit with Alana! Hopefully not the last class! LA Fitness bought out Urban Active, and I’m hoping my favorite classes don’t go out the window!

I get to the corner where there is a Walgreens on one side and a big strip mall on the other.  On the side I’m on, with the Walgreens, I see a fellow runner girl running towards me mouthing something frantically.  I have my earphones on and am in the zone, so I don’t notice.  Finally I do, I take down the headphones and see that she is motioning towards the corner.  And there is an old woman on the corner.

Here’s the intersection!

Upon closer look, the old woman has her dress hiked up all the way.  And she is wearing absolutely nothing underneath.  Nothing.

To top it all off, she is clearly taking a dump, right there on the street corner in fancy old Buckhead.

The fellow runner girl just keeps freaking out telling me she can’t believe we’re seeing this.  I motion to her to come on, and we run past.  As I look down at the sidewalk, there is – no lie – a gallon zip lock of human feces right there as well!!!!

Fellow runner girl continues to follow me down the road shaking her head in disbelief and telling me how she can’t believe it.

It was totally crazy!  I guess I wasn’t so phased because I used to work downtown and have seen similar if not worse.  But in Buckhead, really?

I was kind of sad I didn’t take a picture for the blog, but I just couldn’t bring myself too.  The woman was clearly homeless, and I felt bad.

But…what a crazy run today, right?

Here’s to hoping you don’t have a crappy run today!