Yoga Goat! Come Get Your Yoga on Goat-style!

Updated yoga teaching schedule for July/August – Come Join Me on the Mat – a great way to stretch out after summer races/training or warm up for summer races/training!

Tuesday 7/8/14 evolation yoga atlanta @ 7:15pm – Hot 90
(get the class for only $10 with discount code “Yogarunners”

Monday 7/14/14 LA Fitness Brookhaven @ 8:00pm – 60 Minute Flow Class (EVERY Monday from now on!)

Tuesday 7/15/14 evolation yoga atlanta @ 7:15pm – Hot 90

Wednesday 7/16/14 LA Fitness Atlanta Peachtree Road (the old Urban Active) @ 8:30am – 60 Minute Flow Class (EVERY Wednesday from now on!)

Wednesday 8/20/14 evolation yoga atlanta @6:15pm – Hot 90

Thursday 8/21/14 evolation yoga atlanta @6:00am – Hot 60

Thursday 8/21/14 evolation yoga atlanta @12:00pm – Hot 60

Friday 8/22/14 evolation yoga atlanta @ 6:00am – Hot 60

Spotted in Xterra Trail Mix!

If you’re looking for an awkward read about an awkward person this morning, check out the Xterra Trail Mix from this past Friday.  It features a short story/interview on me here and here!  Unfortunately, in true goat fashion, it has a pretty awkward feel to it.  The article was supposed to be about Atlanta’s snowpacolypse and how it didn’t stop me from my training!  Clearly this would have been a more appropriate interview for someone who actually puts on their big girl pants and goes out in the rare snow and ice and keeps on keeping on.  Instead, I went for the stairmill and treadmill and yoga and weights…knowing that if I waited a couple days, outdoor temps would be back to the 60s and icy fall risks  and the need for slathering one’s face with vaseline would be gone 😉  Doesn’t make for the most exciting piece, but always neat to see yourself in print.  A race report from Saturday’s Thrill in the Hills Marathon is forthcoming.  Until then, enjoy the Xterra Trail Mix and go Google yourself an Xterra trail race, duathlon or triathlon to jump into!

Credit: The Oatmeal

Credit: The Oatmeal

Happy Monday!